Social Services

More options for our citizens including but not limited to:

  • Homelessness

  • Mental Health

  • Human Trafficking

  • Domestic Violence

  • Independent Living Services

  • Substance Abuse

  • Inmate Release programs

The city of Kissimmee currently has a social service department in place.  My goal is to assist in developing its services further and contributing to the expansion of what our growing community needs.  Our residents deserve to be well represented in all areas. 

Jackie 2020
Pedestrian Safety

The growth we have experienced in Central Florida, specifically in Kissimmee, has given us reason to focus and be concerned about pedestrian safety.   Our city leaders need to address these concerns by thinking ahead, therefore establishing, or initiating change of outdated city ordinances.  Crosswalks, round abouts, proper signage and street lighting must be addressed and updated or modified to comply with the need of the people. 

Millennials for Jackie

Accountability:  More than a mindset, it is a skill set.  It is the art of communicating with the citizens and taxpayers of the city you serve. It is the ability to set clear goals and strive to achieve them every minute of every day.


Accountability carries over to truth, transparency, and true teamwork.   

Jackie and her family
Building Community

“It takes a village”.   A leader should strive to create consensus.  If we as community leaders have the gift of communication and can agree to bring everyone to the table to discuss pressing issues, then, we are doing a good job.   To build community, you must be engrained WITHIN the community.  You must understand the needs and the areas that require improvement.  My reality is that you must LOVE the community you serve.  

Community Support
Small Business Development

Big or Small, sustainability is a key ingredient for success in any business.  Being the owner of several successful family owned and operated businesses within our Historic Downtown Kissimmee area, taught me to quickly adjust to unexpected changes as well as having to make decisions that might affect the lives of many.   I understand the challenges faced daily by the small business community.  The knowledge of these challenges has contributed to the convictions I share with my fellow merchants. 


I wholeheartedly understand the need for branding, marketing, creating a culture of growth and most importantly, budgeting. We need to set the road map for success and set the right expectations for a successful community.   

Family above all


- Successful Small Business Entrepreneur 

- Currently Serving on Several Profit and Non Profit Boards

- Community Engaged

- Non-Career Politician