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Jackie Espinosa, born and raised in North Jersey.

Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Entrepreneur.

Obtained my real estate license in 1986.  Mentored several years (1986-1991) by a real estate attorney I worked my way into the field of Real Estate transaction coordinator.  In 1989 I obtained my first degree in legal studies which later allowed me to pursue a career as the firms senior real estate paralegal.

I moved to Florida in 1991.

My first year in Florida was dedicated to education and networking. I obtained my Title Insurance Agent license,  Real Estate Broker license,  Mortgage Broker License and  State Educator’s license for Chapter 494 Florida lending course provider. 

My first job was in Kissimmee Florida 1992, at the First Bank of Osceola as a title agent. In 1993 I became  the branch manager at the Park Place Branch for Gulf Atlantic Title. 


I focused all my efforts into opening a mortgage and real estate firms. That would eventually become the first of several businesses.  Real Estate became a passion and getting people into their HOME became a priority.  Working with Down Payment Assistance and the Neighborhood Stabilization Programs throughout several central Florida counties became a specialty for me.   Getting first time homebuyers into their own home quickly became a way of life.

Soon thereafter, it became a family business.  My husband of 29 years also became a broker and he now spearheads The Real Estate Gallery.   As time went on, I developed a deeper love for the finance world and focused all my effort into the mortgage company, established in 1995.  In 2005 my passion for mortgages became even more apparent.  I enjoyed training brokers and staff.  As a communicator I helped them dream and helped them make those dreams a reality. I helped establish business plans, created goals and challenged them. I held them accountable for their own success. I soon realized teaching was  something I enjoyed, hence, becoming a mentor for so many along my journey.   I reached out to the state's department of finance and worked diligently until obtaining state certification as a Mortgage Academy for Chapter 494.  Florida Mortgage Academy was born and I was finally achieving my goal of becoming an educator and a mentor for so many along my journey since 2005.   .


Today,  I am the steward of several businesses (listed below) located in the heart of Downtown Kissimmee's Historic District. I am engaged with and love my community.  I believe all things are possible if we work together and empower each other.   

Accomplishments:    "My biggest accomplishments are not found in the businesses we serve as a family, my biggest accomplishment is knowing I have raised two of the most amazing young women in this world.  And that WE as a family can have a positive impact on the lives of the amazing people that come before US on a daily basis".  



  1. Florida Mortgage Pros 1995 Mortgage Academy 2005

  2. The Real Estate Gallery 1998

  3. Jaslene Residential & Commercial Division  1998 

  4. Adanse, LLC. 2008

  5. Chandeliers Ballroom & Event Center  2008

  6. Kissimmee Diner  2017 Matador Taco and Tapas Restaurant  2018

  7. Matador Taco and Tapas Restaurant  2018


  • Board Secretary for The Transition House - Osceola 2019-2020

  • Chair for Kissimmee Main Street 2018-2019

  • Chair for Metro Orlando – DTK Leads group 2018-2019

  • City of Kissimmee Planning Advisory Board 2017-2020

  • City of Kissimmee – Affordable Housing Committee 2018-2020

  • Member of DBA  2017-2020

  • Member of Florida MBA  1995 -2020

  • Member of NAMB  1995 -2020

  • Member of NDCA 2008-2020